What is Natal Chart?

The birth chart is a mandala of life. It is an image of the stellar moment that has called us to incarnation; of stardust, which is everywhere – and in us; of God’s breath, which has invested in us a part of the primary impulse of Creation. In this line of thought, birth charting was created by man and that is why it is perfect – it has an angelic origin. It is unique and shows man as an individual, as well as part of the team, the generation, a certain evolutionary cycle. The birth chart seals the moment of the appearance of man in the physical world as fundamental to his abilities, talents, paths, transformations.

The building blocks of personal reality are included mostly in the terrestrial and aquatic elements, which helps the person to be awakened to certain patterns of existence related to the female, perceiving principle. Against this background, the cardinal quality stands out, which gives a relentless search for challenges, resolving crises and swinging between falling and getting up, ecstasy and depression. Some of these experiences remain expressed mostly on the inner level or in connection with perceived emotion from the outside, which further emphasizes the challenge of discovering the core of one’s own personality “Who am I”, due to the strong ability and tendency to absorb emotions, events , thoughts, beliefs from space seem to be yours.

The predominance of the earth element gives strength, efficiency and endurance, but it is necessary to channel energy into specific work that gives challenges. You can count on strong retaining walls, but they are somehow hidden from others. Because a key part of you is often locked in a hidden and secluded field, it is difficult to get to know you. They get to know the active part, which is communicative, contact and friendly and quite plastic. They also see the fish self – actively expressing sympathy, acceptance, compassion and support. The air element leaves an impression on the less close ones, but it has a smaller and weak imprint in your temperament. In fact, you are quite a principled and firm person, who carries a lot of constructions, taken from the model of the mother, grandmother or other first women who raised them. Even when closed, the energy charge itself makes you quite attached to practical matters. Work and commitments, even everyday life, can overwhelm the focus, even dominate life. You look for the sustainable, healthy and durable, you keep it. The pictures in your life are also sustainable – it is important for you to have the ground under your feet, to have a foundation somewhere, the connection with the earth, even the connection with something a little symbolic, which gives you a reference to vaguely or vividly felt covenants. Is it staying in close contact with the family, tradition, family, or are the pictures of your life in fact long periods, as a result of which their sense of self-worth is endangered if there is an unforeseen change in the activities they consider their vocation. These people often have a special cynicism and skepticism – qualities of the mind that inevitably rise if a person does not have an ideal or inspiration to give meaning to his life. A strong emphasis on Neptune, or to some extent Jupiter, can help such a person channel his practicality so as to transcend the more negative qualities of this imbalance.

Among several strongly placed planets, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter stand out. Thus the tradition, the collective consciousness, and the opinion of others turn out to be very important, so important that they sometimes provoke rebellion in you; so important that they stamp for one position or another. The micro-society – manners, fashions, norms, one’s own dreams and desires turn out to be a stuffing that has tangible influences on worldview and perception. The impact can be two-way. When and the more you discover yourself and your role – it was the most insignificant at first glance, then you will be able to influence through your personality and where visible, where invisible to leave a trace with the ability to take, modify, purify , you dream, fantasize, clear and create an atmosphere and imagine a desired reality. This will be possible for one person – at the partner – family level, as well as at the community level. Saturn gives leadership qualities even in good symbiosis – penetration of wisdom into action and action into wisdom, which option, of course, makes its way through many life puzzles and caroms, from which sparks fly or tears flow.
The pure Saturn type is the walnut man. He can eat ashes, but he will not pray. You are not exactly like that. You have a homogeneous mixture of health, strength, patience, but also moisture, with which you can enter other people and present yourself as a broad, multi-layered and open person to the human and kindness. This symbiosis is great. It is terribly lacking in many people who are too spilled or too in the shell of loneliness and are looking for either a haven or content in their vacuum. However, all this exists at the level of potential. The qualities and inherent units of the personality are thus related to the areas in which they experience that they need a joint effort, frequent adjustment and relocation. Otherwise, ambition, patience and resilience may not be manifested exactly where it is adequate to be manifested, to leave many things unfinished, to leave unresolved and downstream situations and choices that evoke in such symbolic ways that they are for your own growth and personal responsibility. And, on the other hand, the places where the unique ability to connect with others through the universal flow, to take their burden and heroically carry the weight, being their savior, could be manifested, and it could not be done that way, and you could be there cool and strong, heavy and with a shell, due to which terrible confusions occur and it seems that you are for salvation, entangled in your own weights, which pull down.

People strongly influenced by Saturn carry in their individual attitude to life an introspection, thoughtfulness, sometimes seriousness, sometimes premature maturity, and other times pessimistic sullenness, an expression of their closedness, natural distrust and hardened fear. You have strong concepts for certain parameters of life, which are also your constructions. They are somehow connected to the tradition, whether “for” or “against”, the supports are constructed along the tradition that comes through the knee. Your fears are severe, sometimes nightmarish. Your inner life is rich and full and you often need to be alone with yourself or you had to do it as a child. However, these conditions may not be to your liking and may be associated with certain traumatic situations that evoke feelings of loneliness and painful separation in your own vacuum. It is possible that such periods alternated, accompanied by some attempt to escape from them and close the door to this inner corridor, in which you are left alone / at first glance /. Depending on the attitude and emotion you feel towards the solitary states and the states in which you serve others through the flow of their collective needs – either as part of duties in a particular position for the employer, or for the comfort of others, or for entertainment or on advocating a cause.

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